Introduction We watch Air Disasters on The Smithsonian Channel. You should watch the program to understand the root cause analysis. It is not just about root cause analysis but also risks and how circumstances and events stack up to produce unwanted results. A recent episode I watched was about Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 2311, a […]

Understanding Risks In project management, “Russian Roulette Risks” perfectly encapsulates the high-stakes, unpredictable challenges project managers often face. In risk management, there lies a deceptive and often overlooked danger: the illusion of safety born from previous success. This fallacy can lead organizations and individuals to mistakenly believe that a course of action is low risk […]

Creating a PMO (Project Management Office) is often seen as a strategic endeavor to streamline organizational project management practices. However, adopting a dogmatic approach to this process can lead to rigidity and inefficiency. In this post, we explore why flexibility and adaptability are crucial in creating a PMO and outline the steps to set up […]

Thinking about what can go wrong in the project and how to respond (risk register) is so that we know what to do when the event happens. From experience, the quickness of the response to an emerging event often reduces the risk impact on the project.  Ideally, we will have generated a list of the […]

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                              CONTACT: Jon M. Quigley PHONE: 336-963-0119 EMAIL:  Glen B. Alleman and Jon M. Quigley Announce the Release of Their New Book “Risk Management” The new book, set to be released on March 15 and now available for pre-order, will offer a context-driven framework for risk management.   LEXINGTON, […]

Unveiling the Metrics Behind Achievement Jon M Quigley In the dynamic landscape of project management, success hinges not only on effective planning and execution but also on accurately measuring progress (metrics) and outcomes. Project metrics serve as the compass guiding teams through the complexities of project delivery, offering valuable insights into performance, efficiency, and overall […]

“Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers” is written by Jon M. Quigley and Amol Gulve, through SAE International. LEXINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2023/ — Value Transformation LLC (professional training, mentorship, consultancy, and coaching provider) proudly launched their book ” Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers” written by the Founder of the company, […]

A Song As I wrote this, I kept getting that song by Barenaked Ladies, One Week, going through my head. I have been working on the bassline for that song. My kid introduced the song to me some years back and just recently I thought about learning it. I’m very close. Estimating I have a […]

The Product Development Hike. You won’t read far in product development, where product road map analogy (or actuality) is brought up. Recently, I saw a tweet (is it still called tweet, or is it an X) from @CGLambdin. I wish I had captured the tweet for posting here, but I recall it was about the […]