Transforming Training!

Transforming Training is what Value Transformation LLC does!  We call our training department the Product Development University. Our focus is on transforming training for Product Development and Management teams.  This site provides registration for direct and online training, both supported by subject matter experts, on a variety of Business and Product Development domains and topics.  From Business topics, product development topics, quality tools and techniques, through to manufacturing and post launch support, – from cradle to grave we provide training on a range of topics.

The world is more connected but that does not mean easier to do the work, but it does make learning easier.  To be prepared for this chaotic and dynamic environment, requires constant learning and adapting.  We have offer classes, that wed practical experience with the domain expertise.   Every domain on the Value Transformation website is supported by both direct or distance learning classes and requisite expertise.  The direct classes are set up at conference centers or hotel conference rooms, to provide you ease of access and facilitate your ongoing learning.  We offer e-learning in support of the direct class that I after the class access to the material and exercises, as well as e-learning standalone classes.

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