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Value Transformation LLC has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in product development.  Value Transformation is totally focused on your business and the results that we know can be achieved.


This experience is largely focused upon software, specifically embedded products, and the manufacturing of those products. We have significant amount of experience in the automotive and vehicle industries.

Saving our clients $m's

We have consistently saved company’s millions of dollars in quality and cost improvements in both product and processes. We have also contributed to the development of intellectual property improving the organizations revenue stream.

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Jon Quigley - CEO - Value Transformation

Jon M. Quigley is the author of several books on project management and product development topics including software development. Jon, has multiple masters level degrees as well as globally recognized certifications. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events. He has more than twenty-five years of product development experience, ranging from embedded hardware and software design through verification and project management.

He has taught at Technical Schools as well as at Seattle City University. He is on the Forsyth Technical Community College Advisory Board and Western Carolina University MPM Advisory Board. He is an expert contributor to the PM2Go by The Standish Group, as well as contributing to the PMI website. and is frequently cited in product development, project management and business magazines. Contact Jon through LinkedIn or at


Value Transformation

Shawn P. Quigley is the Area Improvement Coordinator and Program Exposure Manager at Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department Kings Bay Georgia, which is a remote branch of Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY). Mr. Quigley retired as a Chief Warrant Officer after 30 years of naval service. He has experience managing projects for both the Navy and NNSY ranging from the refueling of a nuclear aircraft carrier (USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, CVN-71), a fast attack submarine (USS SAN FRANCISCO, SSN-711), and the decommissioning of a fast attack submarine (USS HAMMERHEAD, SSN-663) and a destroyer tender (USS PUGET SOUND, AD-38).

He has also trained and qualified hundreds of Naval Nuclear Operators over his career. He has been trained in and is currently teaching organizational learning, root cause analysis, and organizational development. He is also the co-author of many magazine articles at a number of online magazines such as PD&D on the topic of learning, organization development and project management.


Rick Byrum - Value Transformation - Focused on your Business!

Rick Byrum has 30 years combined electronic product development experience ranging from industrial product design (14 years) to specialty automotive aftermarket product design (16 years).  He is proficient in a range of embedded product development areas, from idea through to production, from switch-mode power supplies and signal conditioning, to embedded hardware and software.  This includes reliable PCB designs, from current carrying capacity, to electromagnetic compatibility.  His work can be found in large scale industrial control systems (globally), as well as custom vehicle racing applications.

Rick has rapid prototyping experience, that includes developing a network that supports rapid prototype needs of the product and project.  He experiments (runs tests) with these prototypes as well as simulation, to develop a high-quality and reliable product through early exploration and experimentation of the product, as well as strong systems engineering applications.  He is always thinking beyond the base product incarnation, considering anomalies from the external environment that could disrupt the system and the product.  He has a track record of generating new product ideas, and bringing them to life, resulting in high quality and reliable products.


Steve Lauck - Value Transformation

Steve Lauck is a retired Management Consultant who helped businesses solve project management problems ultimately improving project delivery.

Before retiring, Steve’s career spanned over 33 years in which he held titles of Machine Designer, Mechanical Designer, Department Manager, Procurement Leader, and Project Manager (PMP®PMI from 2003 to 2016). After his successful career delivering solutions in Architectural Engineering, Commercial/Industrial Facility Construction, and Consumer Products Manufacturing, Steve now coaches & mentors others in these areas.

Expertise areas:

> Execution
> Planning
> Procurement
> Requirements/Scope Development
> Risk
> Project Manager Development
> Team Development


Rick Edwards - Value Transformation - Focused on your Business!

Rick Edwards began his career as a true “cradle-to-grave” engineer within the marine industry where he developed a practical, first-hand understanding of the complete life-cycle of any design – from early requirement and conceptual development, to management of quality of products already in the field. With this foundation, Rick added project and program management to his repertoire through his extensive work within the heavy duty truck industry bringing complex products to market ranging from Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Mitigation systems to Connected Vehicle and Telematic systems.

Overall, Rick has more than two decades of practical project execution experience, five of which have been spent initiating, promoting and building Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Project Management guidelines. He has also spent more than a decade as a coach to teams utilizing Operational Development to improve processes and performance. Through his work with establishing PMOs, Rick has also been a leader in establishing learning communities and study groups for others within his organization looking to earn their PMP certificate. Rick holds an MBA from Wake Forest University, a BSME from Trine University and is PMP certified.


Ashley Taylor Womble - Value Transformation - Focused on your Business!
Ashley started working in her family business when she was 12, where she learned responsibility and commitment. She is no stranger to hard work, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Spanish and an MBA in a total of 4 years while also studying abroad and working 2 jobs.

Upon graduation, Ashley went to work full time with her father in the dry cleaning business. She managed a satellite facility until her mother became ill and the family business was sold.

Looking for a new opportunity, Ashley moved to a new city and began searching for jobs. She got up every morning, dressed as though she was going to work, and applied for jobs while sitting in a coffee shop. One day she received a call from a recruiter saying that she had a job if she could go right then to an interview. She went and she got the job.

Her primary role was to do what nobody else wanted to do. But she became very good at it and ended up working with a custom SAP tool for project resource management within the engineering division of the automotive company. With this job, she traveled extensively learning and teaching others the tool.

After 5 years, she moved to the IT division, earned her PMP, and spent 5 years managing Infrastructure, Telematics, and Software projects. She was then promoted to manage 64 IT developers and architects before leaving the company to pursue a dream.

Ashley has an entrepreneurial mind and uses her project management skills to bring order to chaos in various businesses.


Kim Robertson - Value Transformation

Kim Robertson started his first company at the age of 18 and has an extensive background spanning forty years in all aspects of business and aerospace. He is the author of over 100 discipline specific training packages, 3 fiction books and articles for CMTrends and various other trade publications from industrial arts to Configuration Management as well as the book Configuration Management: Theory, Practice and Application. His interests in education and training development started in his teens. He is a NDIA certified Configuration Manager with degrees from Westminster College in Mathematics and Physical Sciences and a Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix in Organizational Management with a subspecialty of Government Contracts.

His work experience includes wildlife art, photography, electrical circuit design, manufacturing, learning systems design, systems engineering, configuration management, contracts administration, policy and review, intellectual property, corporate audit, corporate finance, supply chain management, marketing and public speaking. He and lives in Colorado with his wife Dee and their dogs Rufus and Grizzly. Kim enjoys history, music, foreign travel and the outdoors. Contact Kim through LinkedIn or


Fred Starkey - Value Transformation - Focused on your Business!

Mr. Starkey, an electronics hobbyist from a very early age, finished high school with an Indiana Radio & TV service license, courtesy of the local vocational school. He worked as a technician in audio repair shops, commercial audio & CATV installations, and campus television services, while earning his B.S. in Electronics and Computer Technology. videog ame repair.

He began his engineering career developing test program sets for linear automated test systems at Delco-Remy. Process failure analysis of the incoming product stream provided the opportunity for advancement into four new areas of expertise: engine controls, thick film modules, robotic assembly, and most importantly – environmental test. Later moving to Delco Electronics Division, Mr. Starkey continued test program set development with an emphasis on socket hardware development for radio mixer and receiver chip test. These assignments renewed and refreshed Mr. Starkey’s RF background, a skill that would prove crucial.




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