Training Delivery Decisions

In our previous post we discussed training needs tied to the organization’s objectives. In that work, we uncovered the scope of the needed training to address specific areas for improvement with very specific metrics identified.  The discussion and subsequent research of the objectives also provided us with input to help ascertain the best delivery mechanism.  What form will the training take?  You may view training as an instructor led, go to a conference or hotel room and listen to the pendant pontificate from the podium. Okay, so I went a bit far with the alliteration. Seriously, we probably the experience most of us have regarding training (by the way that is not how Value Transformation views training).  However, that is not all there is!  We have a number of options available to us, I provide a short list below: 

  • Instructor Led Classroom
  • Instructor Led Distance Learning
  • Self-Instruction (for examples check out The Quality Council of Indian)
  • On the Job Training

Each of these methods and some have their respective strengths and weaknesses.  There are also a number of other tools at our disposal to facilitate learning though these are neither instruction nor conscientious directed learning but facilitate improvement. Those examples are:

  • Work Instructions
  • Directions (assembly)
  • Poke Yoke Devices

We employ many of these methods at Value Transformation and presently developing online training in support of all of the books that we author and much more!  

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