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 Glen B. Alleman and Jon M. Quigley Announce the Release of Their New Book “Risk Management”

The new book, set to be released on March 15 and now available for pre-order, will offer a context-driven framework for risk management.


LEXINGTON, North Carolina (February 25, 2024)—“Risk Management,” a new book that will provide a practical framework for risk management and will share case studies applying risk management foundations, is set to be released on March 15, 2024. Authored by Glen B. Alleman and Jon M. Quigley, the book will aim to create a rational approach to risk management, adapting to project circumstances as easy as possible.

Unmanaged risks can easily derail a project from achieving objectives or even causing project failure. To ensure successful project outcomes, project managers must employ appropriate risk management strategies in every stage of the project continuum. A comprehensive risk management plan can protect an organization from potential losses or threats to its continued operation.

With these factors in mind, “Risk Management” will offer crucial insights into the importance of risk management and how to apply a risk management framework to improve the chances of project success.

In their book, Alleman and Quigley will identify the four root causes of project failure and offer a comprehensive overview of the people, principles, processes, and practices as the fundamental base for an effective risk management system. The book’s first half will explore risk management processes and distinguish between risk and hazards in project management. The second half will share thoughtfully selected industry case studies, paired with artifacts when available, illustrating risk management approaches in the context of those particular industries and circumstances.

Authors Alleman and Quigley are both seasoned project managers and project management thought leaders with decades of industry experience between them.

Alleman has over 30 years of experience as a program manager and performance management consultant in the aerospace, defense, and enterprise information technology fields. He is the Vice President of the Program Planning and Controls consulting practice in a Denver professional services firm, focused on aerospace and defense. Throughout his career, he has also been on the business management side of projects, managing software, hardware, and services. In his work, Alleman focuses on defining the needed capabilities for mission success or strategy fulfillment to increase the probability of success for complex, software-intensive systems.

Alleman earned a master’s degree in systems management, a master’s degree in physics, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Alleman is also the author of the popular project management blog, Herding Cats, as well as the book “Performance-Based Project Management: Increasing the Probability of Project Success” and numerous chapters, articles, presentations, and keynotes on project management.

Quigley, PMP (204278) CTFL, is a principal and founding member of Value Transformation, a product development and cost improvement organization established in 2009. Quigley holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, two master’s degrees, and two globally recognized certifications. He has over thirty years of product development and manufacturing experience, ranging from embedded hardware and software to verification, process, and project management. In 2005, he won the Volvo-3P Technical Award, and in 2006, he won the Volvo Technology Award. He has also secured seven US patents and several international patents.

Quigley has authored or contributed to more than 15 books on a range of product development and project management topics, including books used in universities around the globe. He has also contributed to hundreds of magazines, e-zines, and interviews throughout his career and writes three recurring columns on project management.

“Risk Management” is available for pre-order on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle formats, as well as at other major book retailers.


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