Manufacturing X0 Event

It was a wonderful learning event at the Manufacturing X.0 Southeast event.  I want to thank Lacy Ashton and Boni Quatroche for making the even and my involvement possible.  There was much to learn from the confluence of topics from AI to Big Data, from the individual to team learning and retrieval.  All of these are increasingly important in modern work and especially manufacturing and continous improvements.

I would also like to show some appreciation for the ladies on the panel of which I was the moderator.  It was a pleasure to be adjacent to such talent as Ida Ståhl, Ann Wyatt, and Alicia Lope Floyd.   I learned considerably from their perspectives starting with the preparation for the event up to the time on the stage.  In a world enamored with technology and data we sometimes forget that it is people, that is at the core of success.

Post by Jon Quigley