What a Day.

What a day.  Sunday we were spending some time with our kid.  They are a 21-year-old college student, and we seldom get the opportunity to do things with them.   They have largely been out of our house since going to the North Carolina School of Science and Math, essentially since they were a Junior in High School.  They have spent much time in larger cities, and as such, they have had no reason to drive.  Since they were now home from NCSU school break, my kid has been practicing driving.  His now-deceased grandmother willed a very nice low mileage car.  The classic was driven by a little old lady to church and to grocery store.

Our family wanted to go out to lunch and visit a cool bookstore, McKay’s in Greensboro, NC.  After a nice leisurely stroll through the books and CD’s of music, we headed back home.  On the way back home, a Dodge Ram ran a red light, and there was a collision, grandmother’s car a heap.  After providing the police with information for the report, we contacted our insurance company to see if they could get us a rental car. They said they would, and gave us the address of the rental car agency.  After the conclusion of all the accident details, the Greensboro Police drove us to the rental car agency.  The rental car agency was not open.  Then we asked if policeman if they would drive us to the airport, thinking, perhaps there would be some vehicles for rent there.  We went down the row of car rental agencies, and all were a bust. There were no available cars.  It was a good thing my kid knows how to Uber.  They called an Uber and we were finally on our way home.  Along the way, we noticed the physical maladies from the crash becoming worse.  Upon getting home, we fed the puppy, and off to the hospital, for a few hours.

So, what is the point of this story?  Well, a simple afternoon out turns out to not be so simple.  One does not know when this sort of thing will happen.

  • Wreck
  • Rental car (believed to be secured by working with our insurance company was a bust)
  • Rental car from the airport, likewise a bust
  • Uber
  • ER visit

No matter the turmoil, keep looking for solutions to our problems. We were 40 miles away from home and injured, yet that did not stop us from exploring the possibilities.

Post by Jon Quigley