The problem is solved by the person feeling the pain

We like this saying: The problem is solved by the person feeling the pain; we see much merit in it and believe it to be an axiom. We have touched upon this a bit in our blog on sponges. We see areas where one part of the company or development process makes due or improvises with the malodorous input received. The receiving entity may complain and attempt to explain the burden placed upon them due to the non-conformity or “poor quality”. This discussion usually ends poorly. After all, the receiving organization feels the pain, not the delivery. 

So what is the solution? It is not to absorb if you ever wish for or need this situation to change. The best way to solve this is to employ the SIPOC approach to coach or educate regarding the needs, updating the way of working as you progress with the work – cooperating to solve.  If this is not possible, the solution that can work frequently is to place the burden on the delivering organization. In our previous example regarding requirements associated with specific system incarnations, we may choose to write fault reports for everything that deviates from the entirety of the system content, even though this delivery likely does not contain every requirement in all the specifications. Issuing a profusion of fault reports, we will now see some action to resolve this concern as it has been handed back to the development groups, and we have clearly articulated the source of the issue. 

If it is impossible to collaborate to improve the outcome or otherwise make the change, transfer the pain somehow to the responsible party.  They will find a way to fix the problem, primarily if you work with them. It is not personal, but sometimes we need to be the tough coach or have a little tough love to improve.

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