Successful Output means…

How do we know when our output is successful?  Well, when the customer takes acquisition can be the first tangible evidence for many organizations the output is “good”.  So we know what we mean by good, I provide a brief list:

  • capabilities of the output can be deployed
  • suitable quality (Key Product Characteristics are met)
  • customer is pleased

Key Product Characteristics are what makes the product the product.  Consider a tire pressure monitoring system that mounts into the tire. We have physical characteristics and electrical characteristics (see outline below)

  1. Physical
    • Fit and mount to tire rim
    • Seal and mounting valve
  2. Electrical
    • Radio frequency (transmission frequency variance and strength)
    • On / off mechanisms (for example: turns on when wheel is in motion)

It seems the identification of these Key Product Characteristics does not happen.  It happens even less when we are working with the intermediate outputs (output from groups to group and not the final customer – see previous blog).  However, these intermediate “outputs” can be just as critical.  The sum of these intermediate outputs will ultimately “provide” us with the end product quality (Garbage-In-Garbage-Out.)

If we do not build the intermediate outputs in a way the depending organization can use, we have added to our time of development and probably degrade our final product quality.

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