Risk Management Failures

Have you seen these risks in your projects?

  1. The project that selects a scope that does not match the constraints (cost, quality and delivery).
  2. The project strategy that dooms the organization to cost over runs, surprises the organization with late delivery that would have been easily predicted.
  3. The ineffectual risk register (or non-existing).
  4. The team that sees the incoming disasters possible but does not let you know until a risk becomes a certainty (then reports to you there is a risk).

All of these occurrences are common place, and should not be.  Companies loose money, customers and overly stress employees by placing ridiculous demands to turn the tide of the project when the problem could very easily been avoided or at the least remediated.  The first to leave are those that often your best talent.

Avoid these problems, learn early and adapt. This workshop will help you get there.  There is another offering on the weekend if that is easier or more preferable.   

Check them out! I look forward to seeing you there.

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