Quality Project Outcome Origins

Quality Project Deliveries

No matter the expected delivery, objective or product from the project, to deliver a high quality outcome is the result of intention.  It comes from the understanding of the scope, the planning and execution of appropriate quality securing actions and consistent monitoring and adjustment to lessons learned along the way

Quality and Testing

Testing the product is but one tool for securing the product quality.  To be most effective testing should be recurring in parallel with the product development.  As the product grows and matures so too does the testing.  In the realm of testing, we have many approaches available to us.

Reviews and Quality

Reviews are another mechanism for securing the product quality. These reviews range from scope and specification reviews to design iterations and code reviews. We catch bugs before the investment of developing and testing.  For example, specification reviews can find errors that affording us the opportunity for correction before the first prototype part or model built.  Reviews are not limited to specifications, but also can include:

Drawings Models
Manufacturing line Development and manufacturing processes
Proposals Project scope document (for example SOW and Charter)
Work Breakdown Structure Processes (development and manufacturing)
Contracts Code
Functions Risk Registers
White books (lessons learned) Strategies
SWOT Prototype parts
and many more……  


These activities must be included the project plan with hours secured and resources made available to execute those actions.  If any one of these things does not happen, the activity will likely not happen, relegating quality to the result of the myriad of interactions and random events in the product development life cycle.   Going back to the project sponsor for more money and time to include these quality actions will be difficult or nigh impossible.


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