Project Management tools are not everything, but…

Why do we use tools?

We use tools to make our lives better. It would not be very fun to hammer a nail into wood with our hand.   Imagine the situation if we continued communicate via pony express. Sometimes, when we are not aware a tool exists, we may try to fabricate something.  We make tools out of available spread sheet programs or documentation writing programs.  I have worked at a globally distributed company that had a multiplicity of tools, some custom built and some even more unique.  These tools were used by a variety of constituent companies and none of these tools worked together well and some team members did not have access to some tools or the contents.  It was clear that a single Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool would have gone far in managing the work better.  That is why I was, perhaps not as shocked as I should have been when I came upon this report from Software Advice:

The study found that only 17% of buyers are currently utilizing a project management solution, and that a staggering 60% still rely on manual methods to track and manage projects.[1]

Poor reasons for getting a tool.

Acquiring a tool for the sake of the tool is not the way to work, however, neither is trying to turn a screw with your fingers. If there is a right tool for the way you work and your organizations objectives, it is incumbent upon management and organization talent to explore and consider how to introduce to your company. 

We will write more on this study in future blog posts.  Your input, experiences and opinion are greatly appreciated.  What do you think?  What stories do you have?


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