Project Management and Organization Learning

By Shawn P. Quigley

Value Transformation LLC has recently posted several articles on Organizational Learning and Leadership. The reason why we here at Value Transformation have posted these articles are that we want to show how the training and assistance we provide is more than just how to manage a project. Value Transformation LLC believes that every project is an opportunity for growth of the company and the individuals involved.

Behind the Scenes of a Project

Most companies have team members that know the basic parts of a project. They know by repetition the sequences of events required and where some of the basic Quality points need to be. However, do they understand the how’s and why’s of the project team? Do they understand the benefits and drawbacks to group think or why and when to best employ the different styles of leadership? Do they understand “Expectation Communication”? Most projects do not fail or falter because the steps that are required are unknown, rather they fail because a lack of understanding of what is behind each step. Why are we doing this activity and who needs it? What is the actual objective? A good internal question to ask to determine your level of understanding is, “How many customers are in your company’s most basic project?” If you answered only one, there are two possibilities:

  1. you only have one worker / department
  2. your understanding of a project and how it can aid your company’s development could make use of the principles of Organizational Learning.

How and Why of project analysis.

How many projects have your teams been involved with that produced growth in the individuals involved? When a project was undertaken by your team and was successful, did you compare that to the previous project to ascertain why there was a difference? When the project goes in a less than desirable direction did the team stop and discern why? The goal of any project is to produce some expected outcome in a given time. The time and outcome is constantly changing, however the underlying structure of personnel and process development should always be the same. Companies spend billions of dollars a year on outside firms to help develop their personnel when what they actually need is to be shown how to make their projects a learning experience for their people and subsequently the organization. Once this mentality has been established, the development becomes internal and the constant use of external help is not required. This is effective training/learning, and is what Value Transformation provides: the full training package.

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