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As you may have noticed, we are working on a Configuration and Change Management book. In an effort to articulate the proposition, we are using the blog temporarily to define what we seek and the benefits to those who contribute.

We are looking for configuration management tools, techniques and stories. We are especially interested in what we refer to as war stories or failure stories. We believe these are great from which to learn

  • Software perspective
  • Manufacturing perspective
  • Supplier / Customer perspective
  • Embedded product perspective

In return for these contributions, we will make sure your name appears in the front matter of the text. Additionally, we will gather the names of these contributors and have a drawing to give away five production books.

Please use the contact us page ( to submit your contribution. We will have your email address for the subsequent book raffle and any questions we may have regarding your contribution.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with all of you talented people out there!


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