Learning and The Unasked Question

By Shawn P. Quigley

If you have read any of our blog post you know that Value Transformation bases itself in an Organizational Developmental and Learning Organizational model. If you have not read any of our posts then we would suggest that you take a few moments and look through a few: The Leadership Equation, Office Politics, Communication, and External Drivers are just a few we would suggest. We have also developed a training course about Project Management and Learning Organizational principals. To keep in line with this model we are looking for your suggestions on what you would like to see in these training arenas. This is sponsored by the theory of an open mental model which is; as we have alluded to in our blog post, one of the pillars, if not the bedrock of both a learning organization and organizational development.

                It is the open and honest exchange of information that allows both individuals and organizations to determine their actual position in development.  It is this “true” starting point that allows for the determination of the direction that both individuals and organizations need to go. Tension can be defined as the difference between where someone “thinks” they are and where they think they should be. It is this tension that drives the desire of change. However, if the change starts from a false point it will likely end in a location that is not desired – if it does land where you want it is likely largely luck. Having said these things we again would request that you provide us with some topics for our elearning site that you believe will help you and your organization to grow.

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