Everything is Go!

Have you ever seen this?  The project has steadily made progress and is coming to the end and launch.  The project seems to be okay, and the launch commences.  Shortly after launch, probably in the manufacturing, you start to see problems. Perhaps the plant shuts down at first. Then those issues are solved only to have more issues show up in the field.  Depending upon the logistics of getting the product to the customer and the customer use of the product this can be weeks or months later.

Why is it we see so many problems post launch? Why does our release “hit production” causing the line to stop?  Sometimes these happen because it is not possible to get everything just right.

But consider the health care “roll out” or “go”.  It was launched as if nobody knew there was a problem. To be sure, had they known of the problems prior to launch, they would have saved themselves the embarrassment and delayed the introduction.

I have to give  a nod to the gentleman and his daughter that gave me the idea / inspiration for the graphic below.  They asked that they remain nameless save Internet Patriot.


But everything on the project was "green"!

But everything on the project was “green”!

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