Daily Sprint Meeting and Communications

Another beneficial attribute of Agile, particularly Scrum, is the daily sprint meeting. In this very short and focused meeting that includes the immediate project team and as needed the sponsor, we will learn much about the state of our project. The questions three that are up for discourse are:

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What problems or obstacles are in the way?
  3. What is your plan for today?

These questions and serve a number of purposes in the project.  We will discuss these further in the next few blog posts.

Question Benefit
What did you do yesterday?
  • Progress sharing – pushing team to perform
  • Establishes progress monitoring metric
  • Facilitate team cohesion
What problems or obstacles are in the way?
  • Risk identification
  • Quick responses possible due to constant daily monitoring (only 8 hours into any problem)
  • Provides team focus on solutions to these potential obstructions
What is your plan for today?
  • Focus on next set of actions
  • Aide in reduction of unwanted or unnecessary tasks (team generated best approach)
  • Coordinates efforts across the team


Of course, there is nothing that says this communications approach could not or should not be used in conventionally managed projects. There is no body of documentation that I know, that counsels a project manager to sit in an ivory tower and expect the issues to be reported to him timely.

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