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CMMI Requirements Management

We decided to continue with requirements management since there are some generic goals that are probably just as important as the previously discussed specific goal and practices.  This is especially true when we consider the long-term impact on our project execution capabilities.

CMMI Generic Goals

The generic goals associated with requirements management are met when we inculcate our requirements management approach within our organization at large.  To do this we must first create an approach or set of processes we believe will continuously allow our projects and our organization to reach or even exceed the operational goals.  This requires so much more than a brief response to some trauma, or slogans.  I have seen organizations fail, even when on the right track due to lack of continuous application and follow through.  Institutionalizing the approach to the work means getting people to know what needs to be done using the organization’s constantly expected approach.  This offers some measure of repeatability.  To do this means our management must act consistently.  We cannot say perform against one set of standards today, but tomorrow perform to another set of standards.

Constant and Consistent Application

I am a fan of the show Aircraft Disasters for the root cause analysis work that is demonstrated.  This show appeals to the engineer in me.  If you watch long enough, you will notice a number of these failures are the consequence of not performing according to a defined process.  A jet takes off with low tire pressure on a hot day – knowing that the tires were low – a violation of the process, and ends poorly.  That is not to say that every violation of a process results in catastrophe, but unless you think about what you are violating, how will you know.  I am sure those mechanics that omitted some steps in adjusting the cables for the elevators did not have any idea how skipping that step would end.

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