As editor of Software Magazine, I often ask for readers interested in writing for the publication to contact me. When I heard from Jon Quigley and Kim Pries, they pitched me an article on software development in the automotive industry, which we ran in March 2009. As a career journalist, I am always on the lookout for those writers who can order nouns and verbs into subjects and predicates, in a way that is understandable as language, and with the proper tricky mix of business and technology perspective for our readers primarily in IT management. These guys can do that and they bring to the table a vast knowledge of software engineering, especially embedded systems, based on a wealth of their personal experience. They have since written for us on a steady basis on a variety of topics including Configuration Management (January 2010), Defining a Work Breakdown Structure (March 2010), Taking a Scrum Approach to Software Development (July 2010), Taking a Four-Phase Approach to Software Testing (November 2010), and a commentary with “When Words Collide” (January 2011). I would vouch for Jon Quigley and Kim Pries as highly-knowledgeable consultants in a position to help your business.