Kim Pries and Jon Quigley are the ideal author team for an editor. They view the big picture of becoming successful authors and are still able to tend to many the details of publishing a book. Since I published their first book, Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems, they have gone on to an envision a line of books. They are realizing this vision by having published two more books, Testing Complex and Embedded Systems and Scrum Project Management. In addition to authoring the books, they have been able to master typesetting these books, as well as indexing them. All highly detailed worked that they accomplished expertly. Finally, as true authors, they know they have to actively build their audience by promoting their books and work. They are well on their way to achieving this goal through their magazine articles, conference engagements, and networking with leading academic and professional institutions. Pries and Quigley are driven author team that can envision the big picture of becoming successful authors while still able to carry out the many activities needed to be successful authors.