Online Applications

I have been spending time with many companies online job applications.  I have to say, these online job application tools run the gamut in capability.  What I have also discovered is there seem to be bugs or defects in many of them.  I wonder if the products were tested in a multitude of platforms and my system was missed.  I would think Google Chrome would have been one of the test systems.  One had the ability to delete work experiences, except you could only delete one, and when you selected the delete for another – nothing happened, though the screen refreshed as if it did. 

Some of the things I am finding may not be bugs but requirements issues.  For example, on more than one website, the salary was a required input and it was only numeric.  The problem with this, I am not a big fan of talking about fixed number for salary up front, and at one time it was advised not to do.  Personally, the salary depends upon many other things, such as time off, the scope of work, career growth, the number of hours per week expected, and the benefits package.  I would prefer this data entry field to either accept a range of salaries, or better yet, offer up the alpha approach of “negotiable” since for me, and probably a good number of other people this is the preferred answer.

Here is are a couple of suggestions, check your web application as in perhaps more aggressive testing, and perhaps do not for a salary discussion with many other important attributes about the job are not known to really be able to answer.


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