Introduction to Product Testing (including software)

We have created an online introduction to product testing course. The course is free, and highly interactive. It consists of ten modules on topics listed below with some of the attributes per module.   

   1.)  Stakeholders and Sponsors
   2.) Scope and Requirements
   3.) Configuration Management and Testing
   4.)  Static Testing Techniques
   5.)  Dynamic Testing Techniques
   6.) Approaches to testing
   7.) The special case of regression and retest
   8.) Evaluation
   9.) Putting it together with TIEMPO 
 10.) Test Management

There are movies, and flip through slides, podcasts, and many and assorted quizzes associated with each topic. 

The first five of those modules are available for access now.  Go to the Value Transformation LLC training portion of the site at:

Register now by following the instructions at the bottom of the page.  

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