CES 2018 Event

January 13, 2018


CES 2018



CES 2018 Event

I have never gone to CES 2018 Event (Consumer Electronics Show) and was taken aback by the size of the event.  There was considerable to see, even with the minor discomfort of periodic electrical blackouts at various parts of the show.  I have a great enthusiasm for creating new things (I have ceded 7 US patents and other country patents to the companies at which I have worked).  I wonder about who things are created, where do these ideas originate and the level of productivity of the group that create these things.

It was in warm, even if wet and sometimes flooding Las Vegas.  Walking through one of the casinos I saw this flood outside the window.  There were a number of accidents and getting around was a little difficult (traffic).


Flooding down in Vegas (a nod to Stevie Ray Vaughn – Texas Flood)

I had fun on the Sony virtual ride, where I felt like I was going over a cliff at times, at other times it felt like I was in a Tron game, or skiing in the snow.  I have heard of these systems but had never sat in one of them or experienced the virtual ride before (the seat moved around, leaned forward (belted in) so it felt like I was standing on my face.


I spent considerable time with the vehicles at the CES 2018 event, I am an automotive guy after all.  I especially enjoyed the Mercedes Project One car seriously nice ride.  I think it was 1600 cc’s roughly the size of my old Vulcan motorcycle, cranking out nearly 1000 HP, the propulsion is electric.  The vehicle could go more than 100 miles per hour in 6 seconds!  I would really have liked to take a ride in this vehicle.

Project One

Project One

Hyundai Hydrogen

My favorite had to be the Hyundai Hydrogen fuel cell car.  I frequently have discussions with my son about battery vehicles.  He believes batteries and electric vehicles are the best solution.  Batteries require digging up elements from the earth and disposal of the battery after wearing out.  In addition to these toxic environment impacts, there is the range issue, as well as the time to recharge.  Recharging the battery takes time and the range is limited.  I cannot help but think the hydrogen fuel cell is potentially better, as the range limit is erased, and it may be less toxic on the environment (water in, and water out).


Hyundai Hydrogen Car

Hyundai Hydrogen Car

Freemont Street

It has been years since I have been to Las Vegas, saw many interesting sites outside of the show on Freemont Street.  I watched the light show while listening to The Who and many of the street musicians playing on the platforms that line the street.  There was plenty to do with any remaining energy you may have had after the CES 2018 event ended for the day.


The rainy day walking out on the street was not so interesting, however, the second day, after the rain had stopped and the weather was warmer, and it was fun and interesting indeed.  People from all over the world walking down the street, no trauma, all behaving well after the CES 2018 event.




I had a wonderful dinner at Carmines, we had an 8 pm reservation and ended up finally sitting down to dinner after 9 pm, this probably should have been anticipated since it has been reported that 170,000 people attended the CES 2018 event. A table full of guys could not clear the plates! Great seafood and pasta dishes with a range of sauces. We capped it off with a Tiramisu.




There is considerable to see at these events providing opportunities for ideas to come forth and create different products or apply existing products in new ways.  These new and exciting products provide opportunity for idea generation and discussions which can build extent technology and creativity yet further.

On another topic, if you go to the event, bring very good shoes or multiple pairs to rotate.  By the end of the third day, I was wishing I could walk around without shoes.

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