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Thread: In software product development we tend to (overestimate/underestimate) the

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    In software product development we tend to (overestimate/underestimate) the

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    Over and under estimate

    Over estimate
    • Overestimate our capabilities and proficiencies
    • Overestimate the talent (human resource) available (time)
    • Overestimate the prototype part fidelity to the final product
    • Overestimate the fidelity of simulation (little or no comparison to real world via tests)
    • Overestimate customer benefit (including business case)
    • Overestimate the project strategy

    • Underestimate the work required
    • Underestimate the true field stimuli (test to standards that may not represent true field variation)
    • Underestimate the risks associated with the undertaking (product, manufacturing, time, and process)
    • Underestimate cost ($) for the endeavor
    • Underestimate system complexity (both product and product development)
    • Underestimate risks associated with product
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