Do we really see gains by co-locating the development staff with the testers? Is this used to get past any documentation needs - some documentation is likely necessary. There are also questions about the division of these two disciplines and the distance between them. I have seen instances where this closeness actually had a down side. I have seen this level informality can lead to poor tracking and reporting of the defects, after all, we just need to call the developer or stop by and tell them we saw something errant. This is not record-able and can end up being word of mouth fault reporting which can fall between the proverbial chairs. This distance between the developer and test personnel can have many impacts, we really need to think about this from a systems perspective, considering the organization and product development environment along with the downstream consequences of our decisions. These long term consequences require us to pose thought experiments to explore what may happen and the risk and severity of consequences.

What are your thoughts on co-location of developers and testers? What are some of the downstream consequences in your experience?