Have you ever had to test software or hardware and not know what was in it? The development people could not tell you which sets of requirements are not met in the software deliver and the capability of the system was not readily known because the multitude of software and hardware did not come with documentation or even verbal confirmation of the feature content of this instantiation of the system?

It has happened to me or my test and verification team on more than one time. In fact, I had a supplier hand me sub-system software and hardware so many times without some indication as to the contents (release notes) that one project, My team tested each iteration like it contained the entirety of the expected content. The team then issued fault reports for those things that did not work as documented. The supplier was not happy when they started receiving fault reports for content not produced. My argument, now we know what is in that instance of the system. We can use the fault reports to track the contents of the software. It would have been better to use configuration management and release notes to convey the content. This would have cost much less time and money, but it was not possible to convince those other portions of the project,

Have you every had to test software or hardware and not know what was in it? How did you test?