I presented at SAE World Congress, the concept of applying agile techniques within the context of a conventional project. This particular story, the application was to the test and verification of a variety of embedded components on a vehicle in which the electronic and electrical systems had undergone considerable changes. The number of systems level specifications that were impacted were more than 100, and the number of test cases, far beyond 3,000. The scrum approach was taken to address the verification activities. There was a sprint backlog, daily sprint meetings, and retrospectives after each of the iterations of the testing to improve the approach for the next round of testing. There were more than 13 iterations, and fault data was collected for each of the iterations. The defect reporting rate and the rate of accomplishment were easily discernible and were constantly updated and shared with the project manager and executives.

Has anybody else applied these scrum techniques to other than software projects? Have you used scrum or another agile method within the context of a larger project?
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