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1. What are the priority portions of the product that which an error could get somebody hurt? (Prioritized test cases and testing conducted)
2. What test case coverage of requirements do we have?
3. Can we trace the test cases to the requirements?
4. Have the test cases, test data, and test plan been reviewed?
5. How many test cases are there?
6. How many have we test cases executed so far?
7. What is the daily rate of test case executed accomplished?
8. What is the relationship or ratio of test cases conducted to test cases total?
9. What is the defect arrival rate?
10. Do we see a decline in defects (what is the slope of defects) over the iterations built?
11. What is the severity distribution of the defects?
12. How many test cases do we conduct to find a fault report?
13. Are we noticing interesting defect clustering (supplier or functional portion of the organization)?
14. How many recurring defects are seen?
15. How many things that once worked are now broken?
16. What does the defect distribution look like over product iterations delivered to testing?
17. What does the defect distribution look like from reviews, and inspections?
18. What percentage of possible configurations do our test cases cover? The most used? The most complicated or complex?
19. What is the rate of test case execution, how long will it take for the testing to be completed?
20. What is the estimated cost to perform the testing? What is the cost per test case?
21. What is the projected cost based upon actual costs? What is the actual cost per test case?
22. The ratio of test cases conducted to defects reported?
23. Are there clumping of defects, from suppliers? By function or feature?
24. Does the product match the user documentation?
25. Does the product match the design documentation?
26. Do we have a process in place when the product and the documentation are not in accord?
27. The ratio of time to test cases.
28. Record of tester to defect finding and severity.
29. How much of the testing is automated? Why is this automated?
30. How much testing is experiential base and therefore not part of the test cases?
31. How many defects are found in the experiential testing?
32. How many defects found using experience-based testing per iteration?
33. Is the defect finding trend positive or negative? What is the distribution of severity (blemish or catastrophic) for these defects?