I employ a variety of interview strategies, I will interview the person alone, then I will introduce the prospective employee to the more social individuals of my group (I am the manager), they will sometimes also take the person to lunch after that. Then the more work focused people would interview them, and I will sit in on that and listen but not actively participate. I would ask the person if they had any questions then escort them to the front of the building.

At the end of this, I will interview those that interviewed the prospective employee and see what they have to say about hiring the person to glean the team's perspective about this individual for the job and integration into the team. That is not to say that I would do exactly what they wanted to do. There were a few times (not many) where I would not do exactly what they suggested, but I told the team that if I was wrong I would come back, apologize and admit I got this wrong and that they were correct.