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  1. What are the current/most common challenges and trends you are seeing in project man

    We will see more of a merge between conventional projects and agile. I have seen some applications that mash together of agile and conventional project management techniques in an effort to maintain...
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    Sticky: Assembly Magazine Response

    A magazine article written for assembly magazine on Work Breakdown Structures, What the Heck is a WBS?. We received some comments and more importantly, a pointer to another tool that can help and...
  3. IT Managers: What tools do you use to track your projects?

    I have used a range of tools, the key is to select the correct tool for the situation. It is also important to note, the tool will not save you and your project. Tools can be helpful, or they may...
  4. What makes a SOW for project management from SOWs in other industries?

    What makes a SOW for project management or software development different from SOWs in other industries?
    My experience suggests the scope of the work is often not entirely known in many software...
  5. How to reduce defects and improve quality in vaping products

    The problem becomes when we believe that there is one solution or one silver bullet approach to product test. There are things that can be done before testing that help also, and those are related...
  6. is there always going to be some amount of personal subjectivity when assessing risk?

    It is sometimes subjective. Expert opinion as well as team member input may not always have tangible or easily quantitative assessment. In these cases, we may end up with subjective determination...
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    Some metrics of testing.


    1. What are the priority portions of the product that which an error could get somebody hurt? (Prioritized test cases and testing conducted)
    2. What test case coverage of requirements do...
  8. Does Total Quality Management applied to project management provide any added value?

    I think so, and I think these tools are helpful to try to make sense of the symptoms that present.

    Check sheet.
    Control chart.
    Flow chart or run chart.
    Pareto chart.
  9. Why simulation even when you are not fully competent?

    To get better at something requires practice, learning, adapting and application. Testing the product does not go away because of simulation, but we are able to learn earlier via simulation....
  10. Poll: Project management, product development and no

    We have been kicking around discussions with a few project manager friends of ours, regarding the word no. I have had this discussion with Tom Cagley among other people about the ability to say the...
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    Prudent Action

    The way you are handling it seems only prudent. It is not about Your Way, it is about making informed decisions. Those signing the PO may not know the PO and the amount of money the project is...
  12. Expectation and ERG

    Response from Shawn P Quigley and Jon M Quigley

    Yes, expectations are important. You primarily see it attached to management (expectation management), but if you look closely at the different...
  13. What is the configuration of a product that adapts along the way?

    Consider automotive products that have telemetry systems. These telemetry systems, besides off loading information about the vehicle, also have options for changing the vehicle configuration, for...
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    Hey Katti81

    What is it you like about that tool?

    I also use Trello when using a more agile approach.
  15. Organizational Development in the Work Place

    Organizational Development in the Work Place

    Why it is important?
    Competition is not new, and it is not going away. Our organizations must constantly adapt to the external influences and...
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    General Risk Management Approach

    Risk means uncertainty. To understand what sort of risks the project may be subjected, depends upon what the project is about, at least in part. Projects that delivery products, have risks...
  17. How does a project manager differ from a regular boss?

    Organization structure tells us something about the boss and project manager. For example, in a project-ized organization, the project manager is the boss, however, few companies are structured...
  18. What's more important in project management technical knowledge or soft skills?

    Technical skills are important as well as the soft skills. It is probably better to have a combination of these two rather than being focused on one of these over the other. Projects are temporary...
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    Vary the interviews

    I employ a variety of interview strategies, I will interview the person alone, then I will introduce the prospective employee to the more social individuals of my group (I am the manager), they will...
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    Learning and the Organization

    Learning and the Organization

    Reduce required billable hours ratio (80% or even less)
    Make time for learning and spreading what is learned
    Gamify the work and learning opportunities
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    Short Check List for Patent

    Purchase a perfect bound notebook record all future actions on the development of the product in this book. If this one gets full, get another perfect bound book volume II.
    Make note of all the...
  22. What happens when a person realizes their job will never meet their aspirations?

    What happens when a person realizes their job will never meet their aspirations?
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    Clues! Signals!

    Clues! Signals!

    This is the result of a collaboration initiated by John Cutler on Twitter with Jon M Quigley. In fact, we did this over Google docs he was accepting the changes just about faster...
  24. ISO Certification

    Hey Jeff,

    Are you interested in the certification, or directing your company to a level of performance that is repeatable and of a certain standard or level of performance. For example, if you...
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    When it comes to change

    I entirely agree with your comments below. In my experience, even the demonstration of the reasons for and benefits of, are often not sufficient to alter the course. I have been part of top down...
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