View Full Version : Why do we make "tickets"

06-28-2017, 05:59 PM
I follow a gentleman John Cutler (found on Twitter @johncuttlefish (https://twitter.com/johncutlefish)). He writes interesting topics and ideas regarding product development. You will likely see more of his work on this site since I largely enjoy what he has to say and sometimes see things different enough to make an interesting conversation or discussion, albeit virtually- at least in the instance.

There has been an interesting discussion on Twitter about testing, and the graphic below illustrates one of those topics - Why we write "tickets"


Why do we make tickets? I will lead off by saying these defect reports can be analyzed to glean information about the systems that developed the product - this includes the development and the testing components of the development.

Why do we make tickets? Tell me what you think and let's discuss.