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09-14-2021, 08:14 AM
In the 1990s, the term Digital Marketing was first coined,. With the debut of server/client architecture and the popularity of personal computers, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications became a significant factor in marketing technology.

Perception about digital world escaped covid effect is false: Divya Choudhary

When I consider a billboard , it mostly involves mind the one we wont to see within the middle of our favourite shows on TV or those big bulletin boards. However, nowadays, it's the planet of digital marketing. How does one think this arena of digital marketing arrived and have become a fad? It dates back to those days when social media was introduced, because it became a craze among everyone to undertake Facebook, as an example . Gradually, everyone shifted from considering television as their sole source of entertainment to trying these exciting apps. This marks the start of the digital world in our lives, and swiftly it became a routine. because it is actually a digital world today, India spends over 9 billion dollars on advertising per annum , the digital share is at 29.4% which is predicted to succeed in 32.7% in 2021. So, it is time to speak to someone who has adapted to the present change and made it a chance .

We have Divya Choudhary from School Life v/s College Life (FilmyPathshaala) which may be a digital venture by Fidatoo Corp Pvt Ltd.; it's an enormous community on Facebook and Instagram, massively followed by the young India. With almost 8 million followers on Facebook, working with various national and international brands, digital PR of several Bollywood, TV stars, and more alike. Divya may be a marketing enthusiast with a background of Food Technology. Let’s chat together with her and deep dive within the digital zone of our country.

Divya, how did you begin the journey with School Life v/s College Life (FilmyPathshaala)?

It dates back to the time while i used to be pursuing a bachelor's in food technology. Mohit Choudhary and that i created a Fb page – School Life V/s College Life in 2016. As our content went viral numerous times, our followers grew consistently, and within two years, we were a community of three million followers. Later, in 2018 we sold 51% stake in our small venture (School Life v/s College Life- FilmyPathshaala) to a Mumbai based company (Fidatoo Corp Pvt Ltd).

I became awestruck knowing about your background in food technology and now being within the business and marketing sector. So, how a food tech graduate came into this field? What inspired you?

Not precisely a graduate, I even have even completed my postgraduation in food technology from a reputable and renowned institute, CSIR – Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysuru. In an internship, i used to be pretty amazed how a food industry designs its product specially catered to the targeted needs of its consumers and therefore the fantastic way they sell thereto specific consumer segment. So, it came to my mind that we will create some content depending upon people's interests.

Covid 19 – an epidemic that has affected the life and business of everyone from the spoon to the owners of a full-fledged company hugely. How does one feel it's affected the digital marketing sector?

It became quite daunting task to take care of the loyal customer base and revenue generation at an equivalent level as before covid times. A false perception lies in people's minds that the digital world has escaped this covid effect. However, it had been a mixed experience for a digital marketing firm like ours. On the one hand, as everything became digital, the necessity for creating a web presence for his or her business arises. as an example , small entrepreneurs within the clothing sector wanted to sell their stocks online as they weren't left with any alternative. As a result, the demand for advertisement and therefore the competition to form their brand popular increased. This boosted our business to an extent. While, on the opposite side of the image , because the economy is hit badly, the quantity of business we wont to get previously from the extensive clients decreased.

From the opposite side, everything looks greener but i assume you'll tell us the important color. How did you tackle these situations? are you able to show us the important picture in detail?

Sure. for instance , we all know that movies weren't releasing within the theatres, film producers wanted to use social media to draw in and convince the audience to observe movies on the OTT platform. To execute this, we would have liked to develop strategic getting to pave the way towards the recognition of those OTT platforms. Hence, to make our customer base into a distinct segment market, we developed new strategic ways to form people escape this harsh reality of panic. Since everyone was locked inside their houses, digital media was the sole ray of hope for his or her entertainment. additionally , people started taking over new hobbies.