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02-22-2019, 02:00 PM
Learning and the Organization

Reduce required billable hours ratio (80% or even less)
Make time for learning and spreading what is learned
Gamify the work and learning opportunities
Encourage exploration by the individual and the team
Each team member shares their expertise
Encourage lateral (silo to silo) communication
Develop communities of practice as a resource to the organization
Integrate learning and improvement objectives in the daily work
Schedule recurring point to share the learning of all the department
Consider on line database with searchable metadata tags
Job rotations, specifically to interfacing or depending departments
Special assignments for individuals to develop new skills / knowledge the organization will need in the near-term future
A career development plan for team members that is used, and treated with respect – and not a joke or a checklist formality
Act as if learning and improvement matter, do not pay lip service
Create an environment that does not punish failure – but ensures exploration of what happened and why. Failure is not a good thing, nor a bad thing.
Baseline expected analytical / statistical tools for the department and team members
Identify teachers / coaches within the team to develop these skills throughout the team
Create knowledge sharing networks for dissemination of learning
Develop a culture of questioning. It is okay to say I don’t know.
Those that know should not tell, but coach, ask questions, point to places to look and evoke answers from within the student
The work is learning. Encourage learning beyond the daily, and present activities of the job
Set up a library or virtual library for the organization – of books and other material that applies to the organization
Frequent lunch and learns
Frequent work reviews / critiques a la retrospectives
Mental or thought experiments
Develop an environment that grows a common lexicon and shared mental models
Prioritize learning, slow down to allow it to happen, include learning in work estimates (time & cost)
Team members teach team members
Abolish sloganeering
Develop corporate culture that values learning and sharing
Managers are teachers and coaches