View Full Version : Working from home Pros and Cons

07-12-2018, 01:46 PM
I have been working from home in a variety of capacities as well as variation of time (for example, some jobs work from home 1 or 2 days a week to where nearly 90% of my time is working from home).

Pros for the individual

No worry about driving to work, cost of fuel and waste of time in commute
Comfortable clothes rather than dressing for work in coat and tie
Adapt your work life around your life in general
Interleave personal and work needs throughout the day

Cons for the individual

Blurring of boundary between work and home life (working all sorts of hours and every day of the week)
Interactions with other team members in person provide opportunities to learn and problem solve with greater ease. These informal discussions around the water cooler as it were, in experience, are a great contribution to the organization and individual learning.
Sometimes the feeling of being cut off from the organization as a whole.
Cost of working is transferred to the individual (the cost of the home office electrical, etc.)
Employees consideration of what this distance from the company may mean for a career rather than a job (promotion and longevity)

Pros for the Company

Cuts overhead cost of the work (no space reserved or office space needed that must be accounted in the billing rate)
When strategically placed, the employee essentially creates a local office if this is position is customer support which can cut down on logistic and travel costs
Connection to the rest of the individuals within the organization and the distribution of information and knowledge

Cons for the Company

Uncertainty regarding the employee work ethic
Work to maintain connection with the employee
Cost of bringing the employee to the company periodically